Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beautiful Asheville

I am very happy to have settled in Asheville, where G*d kissed the earth. I live and work on the east flank of Spivey Mountain where we can watch the clouds move across the city and swallow up our home. Just a mile or so up Leicester Highway, north of Patton Avenue, I am 5 miles, or 10-15 minutes from downtown, depending upon traffic.

tweaked frosty morn

Professional Membership

I’m a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. This is a group that requires a new member to be recommended by her peers in order to join. In other words, it is quite selective.

In the recent past, I have been a member of the Federation of Music Clubs, and the Music Teachers National Association, in order to allow my students to participate in adjudicated auditions. When the situation warrants it, I can renew my membership.

National Association of Teachers of Singing

About Bella Voce

Bella Voce means “beautiful voce” in Italian. If that is what you want, I can help you!

I have a degree in Voice Performance from SUNY Purchase, the Conservatory school of the New York State University system, and a masters’ degree in Speech-Language Pathology. I’ve been teaching music since 1982, and maintained a full voice studio for 10 years in Florida. I am presently teaching out of my home.
I have taught singers from the ages of 5 to 75. Very young singers can benefit from learning how to produce a clean, unforced tone, and generally study just a brief time; a parent is required to attend most lessons, as the learning should be a shared experience, so and the parent can reinforce concepts at home.
Middle and high school age singers need to learn correct technique, because most of the models of singing that they hear are amplified. Natural, unamplified singing requires good breathing and understanding of the way the voice is produced and maintained. Art songs and early Italian pieces help develop good diction.
Adult singers, choral singers, and aging singers have different needs, depending upon their desired goals.
Lessons are generally an hour long, and are $40.00 in my home; if you want me to come to you, they are $45.00/hour, and you must have a 61 key keyboard or piano in reasonable tune. Lessons can be scheduled biweekly, but I do suggest that for the first month weekly lessons will speed progress.
Your lesson will be recorded onto a CD for your use in practicing between lessons. I will either supply music, or send you to Soli Classica to purchase what you need.
Early on, lessons consist most of voice-building exercises. What you learn from these lessons will be applied in any songs you learn.
Please email any questions you might have to captluci AT gmail DOT com.